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March 3, 2018


The acronym STEM – Science, Technology Engineering and Math are critical core subject matters that are highly valued in a world that is increasingly complex, competitive, and interconnected.


As STEM becomes more embedded in the educational consciousness, parents are looking for avenues to satisfy the curiosity and learning needs of their children. According to Dr. Tony Wagner from Harvard University, we require 4Cs to bridge the achievement gap in the current education system namely, Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration. Often referred to as 21st century skills, these are the core capabilities and foundational pillars for life-long success.


The science of brain development is providing concrete evidence that there is real power in play. To develop the right mindset and opportunities for the learning of young children, we need to provide them plenty of opportunities to explore and play.


Tinkertorium is on a mission – we are here to support learning and skill development of our youth using STEM as the foundation. We have comprehensively integrated inquiry-based experiential learning and we welcome children of ALL ages and their families. Our inquiry-based method will allow students to gain knowledge and skills by investigating and finding answers to complex challenges.


Visit us at to learn about our different stations and the learning opportunities we will offer. Sign up and follow along on our journey!

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